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As much as I enjoyed it, I have to say...that might have been a bit long.

Top Ten

Jul. 4th, 2008 11:41 pm
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I posted this as a comment on another's lj post, but I thought maybe I'd post it here as well. My top ten favorite Doctor Who episodes.

1. 'The Wheel in Space', because Zoe and James McCrimmen were brilliant. And TARDIS stowaways...yes.

2. 'Destiny of the Daleks', which introduced the idea that a timelord can regenerate at will as well as choose their appearance. Also, the first appearance of Lalla Ward as Romana. (but NOT of Lalla Ward, as she was in the previous episode as Princess Astra)

3. 'The Five Doctors', mostly because it was very first episode I ever saw that didn't have Tom Baker.

4. 'The Twin Dilemna', which showed that not only can the Doctor be dark, he can also be near-psychotic as he nearly strangles Peri to death when she insults his new-regeneration's choice of outfit.

5. 'Terror of the Vervoids', which took the concept of the Doctor working with a companion he has not properly met and picked up yet a bit...differently than Silence in the Library did.

6. 'Time and the Rani'

7. 'Survival', the Doctor, the Master, Cheetah People and Ace.

8. 'Runaway Bride', especially for the end bits.

9. tie between 'Smith and Jones' and 'Last of the Time Lords', becaus Martha was kickass in BOTH.

10. 'Midnight'

Assuming you haven't already posted them somewhere else, what are yours?


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