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Starting this week on General Hospital, Lucky Spencer is taking over the life of an Irish Gangster that he happens to look identical to that has died in order to help Interpol do...I don't know. Something. Not even Interpol seemed to know wtf he was supposed to be doing.

Anyway. And it occured to me that that plotline sounded so very freaking familiar to me, and I could not figure out why. Until right this second. When I realised that it was the plot of a season of Due South.

Anyway, the idea of Lucky Spencer taking over the life of a deceased Irish Gangster Assassin (named Ronan O'Reily natch) is so ridiculously funny to me. Even if only for the fact that he already sounds like he stepped right out of the pages of a 1950s sitcom that occasionally veers into an episode of Mad Men. I mean, it's not like the show's going to make him suddenly use modern day swearing, so this The Balkan (!) guy that will probably turn out to be a missing Cassadine or Emily Quartermaine or something ridonkulous is going to have to contend with his "Irish Assassin" saying things like:

"Listen to me. Listen to me. You can't listen to me when you're yelling."

"Subtlety is, "That sweater looks pretty". When what you really mean is, "I love your mouth". Wtf, Lucky what're you, Don Draper? He was SEVENTEEN WHEN HE SAID THIS.

"I'll be there, wouldn't miss it. Nikolas and Elizabeth, I don't think they're gonna be able to make it, though, because they'll be too busy rutting like farm animals."

At least they got this right. This is, in fact, the face someone who has been asked to do this should have:
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So, here's what I did. I'm too impatient to wait 30 days to do these tv/movies/books/whatever memes. So, what I'm doing is answering the questions I can answer in 30 minutes, and posting that.

Here's the first one, "Thirty Minutes In TV", under a cut for youtube clips for Andromeda, original!v and various.

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I want to rp, but I can't think of anything to post.  No one I talk to appears to be online. Bah bah bah-dy, shut up Karra.

Have watched the pilot for Covert Affairs.  Nice to see the USA Network's Original Series Formula is still in use.

The Formula:
  • Main Character: the best at what they do, but "flawed" in some manner. 
    • Shawn Spencer - best "psychic detective", so....so....so many issues.
    • Adrian Monk - best detective in the world, has OCD/germaphobia/everythingaphobia
    • Mary Shannon - best US Marshall in the world, trust and abandonment issues
    • Annie Walker - best CIA agent in training ever, romance issues of some sort.
  • Sidekick/Partner/Whatever: quirky, but more normal than the main character and does not have trouble fitting in. Usually has a regular-type job, or skills that will help the main character in some manner.
    • Burton Guster: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, patient, has a car, Shawn's best friend. Has a superior sense of smell.
    • Marshall Mann: 5th gen US Marshall. Knows everything ever, apparently.
    • Auggie Anderson: Special Ops/Tech Geek/Computer Whiz. Blind.
  • The Boss: Tough, but tends to let the main character do his thing while turning a blind eye.
    • Stan McQueen
    • Joan Campbell
    • Leland Stottlemeyer
  • The Family Member: Family member(s) who tend to push the main character's buttons in one way or another.
    • Ambrose Monk - Shut in brother
    • Jinx Shannon / Brandy Shannon:  Alcoholic mother / poor choice making sister.
    • Danielle Brooks:  Blind-date-setting up sister.
I think there's more to the formula, but at the moment my brain has froze.


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