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Weirdest shit wakes me up at asso'clock, let me tell you.

The song born to run being stuck in my head. STILL stuck in my head. God.

The realisation that if Terminator were still on the air, they would've had to do a musical episode last season, as per Fox's...idk what it was. Anniversary? Musicality rules? Obsession with Glee? Bones had to do one. Fringe had to do one. Family Guy had to. (ha had to. like seth mcfarlane wouldn't do a musical at the drop of a hat) TSCC woulda had to do one.

Imagining what that would have BEEN LIKE.

Remember that Thomas Dekker singing gives me second hand embarrasment. idk. It's not that he CAN'T, I mean he has albums and music videos and people pay to see him do it, so obviously he can. But. And yet.

Wondering if the C&C antics were because it was 90210 yesterday, and randomly wondering which C&C character is the Brenda, and which is the Dylan. Is anyone the Donna? Would a t-shirt printed Katurian Katurian Graduates be prudent? Or hilarious?

Remembering Derek Reese was on 90210 and loling.
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Took my 80s playlist and did that meme again, only clearly more than 20 songs. >_> Other people should do this too, so I look less like a loser who couldn't sleep.

Please Clean Your Plate Dear The Lord Above Can See Ya )


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