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Starting this week on General Hospital, Lucky Spencer is taking over the life of an Irish Gangster that he happens to look identical to that has died in order to help Interpol do...I don't know. Something. Not even Interpol seemed to know wtf he was supposed to be doing.

Anyway. And it occured to me that that plotline sounded so very freaking familiar to me, and I could not figure out why. Until right this second. When I realised that it was the plot of a season of Due South.

Anyway, the idea of Lucky Spencer taking over the life of a deceased Irish Gangster Assassin (named Ronan O'Reily natch) is so ridiculously funny to me. Even if only for the fact that he already sounds like he stepped right out of the pages of a 1950s sitcom that occasionally veers into an episode of Mad Men. I mean, it's not like the show's going to make him suddenly use modern day swearing, so this The Balkan (!) guy that will probably turn out to be a missing Cassadine or Emily Quartermaine or something ridonkulous is going to have to contend with his "Irish Assassin" saying things like:

"Listen to me. Listen to me. You can't listen to me when you're yelling."

"Subtlety is, "That sweater looks pretty". When what you really mean is, "I love your mouth". Wtf, Lucky what're you, Don Draper? He was SEVENTEEN WHEN HE SAID THIS.

"I'll be there, wouldn't miss it. Nikolas and Elizabeth, I don't think they're gonna be able to make it, though, because they'll be too busy rutting like farm animals."

At least they got this right. This is, in fact, the face someone who has been asked to do this should have:
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I have a whole bunch of notes written about Friday's General Hospital, but really I think this quote from the last 5m of the show sum the whole Lucky/Liz/Nikolas segments nicely.

"You don't love me, Elizabeth. Otherwise you wouldn't be screwing my brother behind my back."

I mean, really. Do I need to add anything else to that part?

Whoever wrote Friday's episode needs to always write this show. I could have very easily forgotten it was daytime tv.

Elizabeth:   Lucky knows he's an addict. He's responsible for his own choices. We didn't force him to pick up a drink.

Lulu: Do you seriously believe that Lucky would be drinking if he hadn't found out that his brother was in love with his fiancee?

Pop quiz: Is Jonathan Jackson drunk here, or is he just insanely distracted by Tony Geary's hair? My God, man. There's this thing, I call it a comb. Is there an OWL in the roadhouse your hair or what?

I don't care about Sonny, Jason, Dante or Michael's plot. Yet.

Also, is youtube broken?

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I haven't seen today's episode yet, so obviously these observations and opinions don't include anything that has happened today.
  • Lulu Spencer, you could not be stranger and more amazing.  Not only are you in one plot, where your bf is an undercover cop in the mafia/unknown son of Sonny Corinthos, but you're in your brother's crazy ass plot. 
  • I really want Lucky to get through this storyline of his away from Liz, but from spoilers it looks like that's totally not going to happen, and he's apparently going to be by her side to "pull her through". I really hope that's not true, because this plot they've got going on where Lucky appears to have gone batshit insane is interesting, and I like seeing Jonathan Jackson actually act.
  • Someone. Please. Introduce Luke to a comb.
  • Watching clips from over Christmas, could someone remind the writers that Laura Spencer is not dead so she can't be haunting her kids to make sure their xmas doesn't suck.
  • Someone tells me that Lucky actually tells Liz he knows about the affair today, and GOD I hope that's true. So much.
  • Steven Webber is so much more interesting than her sister. And he has cute glasses. I hope he gets a storyline.
  • And I hope Kate Howard gets a storyline, but I guess she was let out of contract in favor of some chick named Olivia. I haven't figured out who everyone is yet.
  • GOD, could Spinelli and Maxie be more annoying. No. No they could not.  Spinelli, your gf slept with a serial killer and wants you to cheat on her in exchange. Instead? Dump her. GOD.
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Wow.  The idea that General Hospital had spinoffs is so disturbing to me, I can't even say.  Also, why on earth would a show named after the town take place more in the hospital than the show named after the hospital?  Is that like some kind of bizarro thing?

You can't even imagine how much I'm laughing that General Hospital: Night Shift (??) had better ratings than the parent show.  (And slightly better writers?  Wtf?)

Edit: ...wow.  Port Charles also had VAMPIRES.  And Night Shift had Billy Dee Williams. That's CRAZY.
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All right. So for the past few months or so, I have been watching General Hospital a lot more than I usually do. Which is to say, I barely watched it before and now I am suddenly watching bits and pieces every day.  Now that I am, apparently, going to have to watch it in order to 'promote' it...you know what? I'm going to be completely honest in it. Totally honest. Because this show is ridiculous. People should watch it. Yes. They should watch it and then they should do the exact opposite of what these people do.  

Not that you should do anything a soap opera character does anyway, but really.  That may actually be MORE true for the characters in Port Charles, whatever state this is. 

Since, apparently, I will be posting a lot more about this show in the weeks to come (unless I forget), here are some of my opinions and conclusions that I have already come to.
  • Lucky Spencer is either the stupidest man alive or he is, in fact, diabolically crazy. It took him two months exactly to finally figure out that his fiance is cheating on him. With his brother. Two. God. Damned. Months. Of him nearly discovering it, other people discovering it and almost telling him and then leaving town instead (two people did that!), and then he finally does discover it on his own by walking in on them having sex. 
    • Though, I have to say that this expression is less I AM FULL OF RAGE than it is EWWW, but this is probably a more appropriate reaction. However? The house he is trashing is his own house, not Elizabeth's. Not his brother's.  Really, honey?
  • Why do I say crazy?  Glad you asked. Not only did he not confront Elizabeth at all, at least not yet, but when he discovered that his brother was not only leaving town but the country, he went to the airport to stop him and keep him in town.  All while displaying what I can only describe as an AMAZING case of The Crazy Eyes.  Not to mention what happened when he told Elizabeth about this. Check it:

  • video under cut )
    So there's THAT.
    • Also, really Elizabeth?  "Who else would be here?"  Uh. Maybe your two kids who are not actually Lucky's? (Seriously, woman, what the hell.)
    • James Franco must owe favors to like everybody. Either that or he is actually a serial killer painter obsessed with Jason Morgan. And what kind of ending to an arc was that, GH?  He just wanders off? Really? That's it?
    • I don't know who the hell Kate Howard is, but she has the best hair and I want it. Seriously, could they pair her and Lucky up? Their children would have amazing hair and look 17 forever.
    • Spinelli has got to be the most annoying person I have ever set my eyes on in the history of daytime television.
    • Is everyone related to Sonny in some manner?
    I have other opinions, but they can wait. Ugh. Does anyone else even watch this show?  Ever? Is that why it's so off the charts BIZARRE.
    Meanwhile, if Kate Howard gets the Best Hair Ever award?  Lets give the Worst Hair Ever award to Y&R's Sharon Newman.


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