Sep. 19th, 2017 11:29 pm
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So, office got sorted today and we'll be going to our first choice building.

Then, the house situation got turned fubar. Basically the fucking agents didn't tell us that the local council requires the house to be licensed if its to be rented to 3 or more people who aren't related and while the landlord put in an initial application for the HMO license, the council came back with additional work that needed to be done to the place if they were to grant the license and they decided they don't want to get the work done so either one of us have to leave or all of us have to leave. They offered to lower the rent a little if 2 of us stayed, but including all bills, its still about £200+ more than I'd like to pay a month.

So fuck them, we now need to find a new place. The thing is, this application thing has been going on since August and when my flatmate mentioned that she was going to move out with someone else taking her place and we'd like to renew & extend the lease, they didn't even mention to us that this might not be possible due to the HMO application. Ya know, a heads up a little earlier might have been helpful instead of dropping this in our laps just when we're about to agree to sign with 2 new people, so they're basically screwing 6 people over.

So now, the 2 new housemates and I have decided to just find a place together but this whole freaking thing means expenses with moving and all that shit, which honestly I have not budgeted for this year.


Though, to be honest, I had a feeling that this place wasn't for long term. Supposed that's why I haven't bought new bedside tables or a chair to go with my desk and why I kept my packing boxes from last time. I was just hoping for another year or so and I'll be able to move to my own place. Ah well, best laid plans.

In other news, I'm hooked on Timeless.
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In case anyone doesn't already know:

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(I mean, I didn't. There might be someone else who doesn't?)
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We were reviewing the kidlet's U.S. history project on Colonial Virginia, which involved Jamestown, and I took it kind of farther than his teacher did. (I do that a lot. History is broadly expansive.) Also I got to explain that Captain John Smith was an asshole, and I got to whine later to Mr. Havoc that I really don't like Pocahontas (the Disney film), not because I don't like Pocahontas (she was awesome), but because John Smith was an asshole, not a romantic lead.

You have no idea how much my dad told me about John Smith and Jamestown when I was a kid. You really have no idea.

So I also learned that the kidlet didn't know why the Church of England formed, and this all culminated in my explaining to him that Henry VIII wanted to get remarried, the Pope told him no, and the Henry said, essentially, "Screw you, I'm the King of England! I'll start my own church!"

It was a glorious moment. I love being a parent.
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Other than major news incidents, which are mostly weather-related these days. Okay, not really, but I'm not getting into politics right now. I'm not in the right headspace to handle that.

Please tell me how you're doing! What's going on in your life?

Things in my life after the kidlet's bar mitzvah have mostly been terrible and I'm not ready to talk about them yet, which is why I haven't been updating any of them yet. Distract me from that, please.

I'm so far behind on my tv-watching that I'm just now getting to the Supergirl finale. One spoilery quibble with the first half of the finale that relates to U.S. Constitutional law. )

I'm very much enjoying everything about Supergirl otherwise, at least. I haven't even touched on my summer tv watching yet. It's been that kind of summer.


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