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IN LEGO FORM. Hilarious.

"Do you realise we haven't been to school since the pilot?"

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Oh. I see Abraham Lincoln has come back in time to kill Sarah Connor.

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Plurk, don't be outaged.
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I sincerly doubt anyone will reply to this, but.

Give me a character of yours and a character of mine, some kind of prompt, be it a concept or song lyrics, and I will write you a drabble.

My Current Characters

  Lucky Spencer - [livejournal.com profile] pretendyouare - homeless
John Connor - [livejournal.com profile] rompot_iisous - "Cape and Cowl"
Whiskey - [livejournal.com profile] was_sleeping - "Cape and Cowl"
Rory Williams - [livejournal.com profile] yourentirelife - "Cape and Cowl"
Allison Young - [livejournal.com profile] godelsolution - homeless
Emily Fuller - [livejournal.com profile] entropicexergy / "By Your Command"
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« BY YOUR COMMAND is a roleplaying game set during the Second Exodus of the 13 Colonies.  Following the circular events of the universe's history--all this has happened before, all this will happen again, this game is essentially a reboot, though further back in time, than the the acclaimed reboot series, Battlestar Galactica.  The roles are the same, the players and faces are different. 

This is a variation on a theme.

A story to be told.

Lives to save, lives to lose, lives to sacrifice.

Who are you?

Welcome to the Colonies.

Welcome to war.


[livejournal.com profile] byourcommand  [MAIN]| [livejournal.com profile] clusterfrak  [OOC]
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SYFY is just so freaking weird. I can see cancelling Caprica because low ratings, or because it started off so slow. (To be fair, so did Galactica) But cancelling one prequel to Galactica because you want to air another prequel to Galactica is just...odd. If you want to get further ahead in the timeline, why not just timeskip Caprica in season 2? It's the same storyline.
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I see director's cut of red dwarf: back to earth is on netflix. wonder what the difference is.
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I need a relaxy, low-stress game I think.
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Lj icon randomizer stop giving me sad box.

I sleep now, because I'm nonsensical.

Someone should rp Mary Cherry.
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Ok. I have no idea if Private Practice's depiction of Chiari malformation is even remotely correct, maybe someone else can tell me that. But spoilers 'neath the cut.

spoooilers )

What the fuck.
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jesus christ, Smallville. Way to up the ante.

spoilers spoilers )
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:( My poor kitty has to have crystals removed from his bladder.
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Someday, I'll manage updating this.
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Starting this week on General Hospital, Lucky Spencer is taking over the life of an Irish Gangster that he happens to look identical to that has died in order to help Interpol do...I don't know. Something. Not even Interpol seemed to know wtf he was supposed to be doing.

Anyway. And it occured to me that that plotline sounded so very freaking familiar to me, and I could not figure out why. Until right this second. When I realised that it was the plot of a season of Due South.

Anyway, the idea of Lucky Spencer taking over the life of a deceased Irish Gangster Assassin (named Ronan O'Reily natch) is so ridiculously funny to me. Even if only for the fact that he already sounds like he stepped right out of the pages of a 1950s sitcom that occasionally veers into an episode of Mad Men. I mean, it's not like the show's going to make him suddenly use modern day swearing, so this The Balkan (!) guy that will probably turn out to be a missing Cassadine or Emily Quartermaine or something ridonkulous is going to have to contend with his "Irish Assassin" saying things like:

"Listen to me. Listen to me. You can't listen to me when you're yelling."

"Subtlety is, "That sweater looks pretty". When what you really mean is, "I love your mouth". Wtf, Lucky what're you, Don Draper? He was SEVENTEEN WHEN HE SAID THIS.

"I'll be there, wouldn't miss it. Nikolas and Elizabeth, I don't think they're gonna be able to make it, though, because they'll be too busy rutting like farm animals."

At least they got this right. This is, in fact, the face someone who has been asked to do this should have:
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Oh wait is it from Harper's Island...yes.

This moment of random brought to you by the number K.
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I don't know why I app so many people at C&C. Maybe there aren't any other games at that pace? Or...style? I don't know. I'm sure I'll app another one at some point. Quite a few people I played with there have left, well. You know. Not all of them have?

Rp is weird. Usually fun. Museboxing is always fun. Narrativity is always fun.

What am I even typing. Why do I have this weird ass icon of Christopher Gorham I've never used? Woomp, there it is. Oh my God, you can talk. MEXICO.

...It's late.
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day 04 – what you wore today

Green and black flannel army pants, a blue and white crazy spiral tunic top, black running shoes. FANCY.

Rich text editor, goddamit.

day 01 – introduce yourself
day 02 – your first love
day 03 – your parents

day 04 – what you wore today
day 05 – your definition of love
day 06 – your day
day 07 – your best friend
day 08 – a moment
day 09 – your beliefs
day 10 – what you wore today
day 11 – your siblings
day 12 – what’s in your bag
day 13 – this week
day 14 – what you wore today
day 15 – your dreams
day 16 – your first kiss
day 17 – your favorite memory
day 18 – your favorite birthday
day 19 – something you regret
day 20 – this month
day 21 – another moment
day 22 – something that upsets you
day 23 – something that makes you feel better
day 24 – something that makes you cry
day 25 – a first
day 26 – your fears
day 27 – your favorite place
day 28 – something that you miss
day 29 – your aspirations
day 30 – one last moment
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Also, I'd love to know why it takes 4 hours for Mechanical Turk to give me the money from when they pay me.

That sentence is in all sorts of wrong order.

Corn makes me bitchy.
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Weirdest shit wakes me up at asso'clock, let me tell you.

The song born to run being stuck in my head. STILL stuck in my head. God.

The realisation that if Terminator were still on the air, they would've had to do a musical episode last season, as per Fox's...idk what it was. Anniversary? Musicality rules? Obsession with Glee? Bones had to do one. Fringe had to do one. Family Guy had to. (ha had to. like seth mcfarlane wouldn't do a musical at the drop of a hat) TSCC woulda had to do one.

Imagining what that would have BEEN LIKE.

Remember that Thomas Dekker singing gives me second hand embarrasment. idk. It's not that he CAN'T, I mean he has albums and music videos and people pay to see him do it, so obviously he can. But. And yet.

Wondering if the C&C antics were because it was 90210 yesterday, and randomly wondering which C&C character is the Brenda, and which is the Dylan. Is anyone the Donna? Would a t-shirt printed Katurian Katurian Graduates be prudent? Or hilarious?

Remembering Derek Reese was on 90210 and loling.
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I feel like I should be doing something to celebrate 09/02/10.


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